Middle East: Saudi woman who joins ISIS killed in Syria
Middle East: Saudi woman who joins ISIS killed in Syria

Middle East: Saudi woman who joins ISIS killed in Syria

A Saudi woman member of the ISIS terrorist group has been killed in Syria, according to a posting Friday by a Syrian activist on Twitter.

According to the post, Rima Al-Jareesh, known as a spokesperson and writer for the organization, was killed in a raid on Al-Shadadi city in Al-Hassakah in Syria. Another tweet by the same person claimed that several other members of ISIS were killed by attacks carried out by forces of the international alliance.

Those killed included Adam Al-Shishani, Abu Abeer the Iraqi, and Abu Aeash Al-Jazrawi, a military official in Al-Shadadi. There were also reports of people severely injured in raids in October 2015, but these could not be verified on Friday.

Al-Jareesh, whose husband is in prison in the Kingdom, fled the country in November 2014 with her four children to join ISIS in Syria. This followed her pledging allegiance to Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi. She had met up with her son Moath, 16, who had joined ISIS in 2013.

Al-Jareesh had provided details of her story on Twitter, describing how she fled to Yemen where she meet Wafaa Al-Shahri, the wife of the Daesh’s former second-in-command, and then to Syria. Al-Shahri had left the Kingdom in March 2009 to join her husband in Yemen. Al-Jarish was arrested more than once because of a demonstration in Al-Qasim province in support of terror suspects. She had demanded the release of Heilat Al-Qasr, whose was known as the lady of Al-Qaeda.

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