Taliban bomber kills 13 in north Afghanistan
Taliban bomber kills 13 in north Afghanistan

Taliban bomber kills 13 in north Afghanistan

A suicide bomber targeting a police commander has killed at least 13 people, including nine civilians, in Afghanistan’s northern Parwan province.

The attack on Monday happened near a clinic and a bazaar, General Zaman Mamozai, the provincial police chief, said.

Four local police were among those killed, and another 19 people, including 17 civilians, were wounded, he said.

The police commander who was targeted in the attack was among those wounded.

“Once again, a Taliban suicide bomber attacked innocent civilians,” Mamozai said, adding that the bazaar was packed with shoppers and people were waiting outside the clinic for treatment.

The Taliban claimed responsibility in an email sent to media.

The UN’s mission in Afghanistan reported earlier this month that most of the 11,000 civilians killed and wounded in 2015 were the victims of insurgent attacks.

A total of 3545 civilians were killed last year as a result of the war, the UN report said, with another 7457 wounded.

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