Allama Sajid Navqi slams Pakistani authorities for allowing ASWJ ringleader election as MPA

Senior Pakistani Shia cleric and chief of Shia Ulema Council, Allama Syed Sajid Ali Navqi, has denounced the relevant officials whose negligence paved way for unimpeded success of the fourth scheduler contestant belonging to a banned terrorist outfit in the by-election to Punjab Assembly from Jhang.

In his reaction to the by-election from PP-78, Allama Naqvi also said, the National Action Plan was taken for granted to encourage the terrorists in Jhang by-election. He said that Election Commission of Pakistan should have taken notice of the facts that ringleader of the banned outfit and alternate candidate were fourth schedulers and belong to a banned terrorist outfit.

Allama Naqvi further said that National Action Plan should have been implemented in letter and spirit because this was made to end sectarian hatred and eliminate the sectarian terrorists as well.

He also reiterated his demand that the state authorities must end their policy of balance under which victims were being equated with the terrorists. He said this policy was totally unjust and hence unacceptable.

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