Karachi police illegally detains 10 Shia students

Karachi police has raided residential flats and rounded up at least 10 Shia students originally belonging to Gilgit-Baltistan and booked 5 of them without any justification in false cases.

Raid was conducted in Johar Complex near Safoora Goth on main University Road late on last night. They picked up 10 students namely Sajid Ali, Shamsur Rehman, Jafar, Tehzeeb, Tahir, Wajib Iqbal and others.

Ziauddin said that he was not at his flat last night but police wrongly detained two of his roommates. He said that they were students and not the criminals and neighbourers should have been contacted for confirmation of the integrity of the students because they all well know that those students were peaceful and noble people of society.

Others told the correspondent that police misbehaved and also abused them during the raid and treated them like habitual criminals without any reason. They condemned the police uncalled for raid and arrest.

They have appealed to Sindh and Gilgit-Baltistan’s chief ministers to take notice of humiliating illegal raid on their flats and their arrests. They said that they were in Karachi for higher studies and not for affront by the police.

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